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The International MVNOx Association

The global trade body for the MVNx ecosystem

The iMVNOx Association

The International MVNOx Association (iMVNOx) is a member driven, global trade association where MVNOs and industry partners can come together to discuss common challenges, benefit from targeted support and, and create industry opportunities. Working together to drive forward the change required in order to create both immediate growth and future success of the MVNx industry worldwide.

 With over 1,531 MVNOs worldwide our members and partners have an opportunity to establish MVNOs as essential to enabling our connected future, and to ensure the MVNx ecosystem is positioned as a powerful and profitable layer of the global ICT sector for years to come.

The International MVNOx Association represents ‘the voice’ of  both small and large MVNOs, along with other key players in the MVNx ecosystem (MVNsp, M2M, and technology companies) and works in participation with regulatory authorities, other industry associations, and the wholesale operators across the globe. The MVNOs and their associated partners are key to providing competition and driving innovation within the mobile sector.

Our members are thought-leaders and industry innovators who see themselves as part of a bigger picture and are working together to create change that can support a healthy wholesale market worldwide.

the imvnox mission

To unify and strengthen the MVNx community by providing targeted resources, strategic benefits, and value added services. Acting as a ‘voice’ for the under-represented MVNO industry by influencing regulatory investigations and market reviews worldwide.

Working to drive change while establishing a global network of influential contacts and stakeholders across the ecosystem.

the imvnox vision

A fair and accessible wholesale mobile telecoms market where MVNOs can thrive, increasing consumer choice, and supported by a global trade association where alliances can be forged, partnerships built, and innovation inspired.

The Value of Membership

Influence change
Whether it’s with regard to regulation, processes, standards, or best practices, we will all be louder and more effective at influencing with more voices behind us.
Influence the agenda
As they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it. The iMVNOx is a member run association that is there to represent the members; become a member and it can represent you and your needs on your behalf
Gain purchasing power
We will work together to lower costs through combining purchasing power and rate negotiations.
Gain support
We will work together to lower costs through combining purchasing power and rate negotiations.
Access market information
We will serve as an intermediary resource for all markets across the world, as well as commissioning our own research, enabling access for our members to the information they need when they need it most.
Access service providers
Meet the people who can streamline your business, help you improve customer experience, and differentiate your proposition from the competition (including the MNOs!)
Access to legal support
Meet the people who can help you with legal frameworks, regulation, contract negotiation, and taxation implications.
Access to consultants
From business modeling to proposition development to go-to-market strategy; across advice, design, implementation and operation.
Access to investors
Our network extends to the people looking for innovative business models, interesting approaches, niche opportunities and ‘the next big thing’. Are you that business?
Access to MVNOs
Are you an MNO looking for the ‘next big thing’? An MVNO looking for advice? Or, a potential partner with the perfect product or service?
Access to MNOs
Are you an Entrepreneur with a brilliant business model? An MVNO looking to reach new regions? Or, an MNO who wants to learn from other MNOs?

Ask not what the iMVNOx can do you for…

...tell us what you want your iMVNOx to do for you.

Common Global Challanges

Price squeezes

Limited cross-border opportunities driving ‘me-too’ business models, innovation stifled by cautious MNOs, retail rates undercutting wholesale.

Ineffective SLAs

MVNOs are exposed without adequate wholesale roaming, number portability, batch migration capabilities, service/technical upgrades.

Regulation and legal challenges

Industry regulations, ‘anti-competitive’ negotiations, and weak commercial agreements favour the MNOs in a fractured political landscape without a strong voice speaking for the MVNO ecosystem.

Lack of support

Limited access to industry knowledge, market analysis, best practices, commercial guidelines, legal frameworks, devices and technical specifications for networks and SIMs.

The iMVNOx Objectives

To be an effective voice for the underserved MVNx ecosystem
Leveraging a combined industry position and global subscriber base to increase political value and campaigning power Campaigning for better connectivity, costs, and contracts, all crafted to drive a sustainable future Addressing the economic, social, and regulatory issues that challenge MVNOs and their partners
To build bridges between the MVNx ecosystem and the carriers
Strengthening the market for the consumers, the carriers and the shareholders
To act as an unbiased governing body
In evaluating technology, setting industry standards and representing the members
To drive win-win collaborations
Driving new opportunities and opening up access to networks and platforms for members to create innovative services, technologies, and business models Enabling the MVNx market to bring global access and mobile solutions to emerging markets Bringing connectivity to consumers across the world
To provide access to an array of industry initiatives
World-class legal resources Industry intelligence Shared services platforms Cross-channel marketing opportunities
To provide beneficial programmes to MVNO subscribers
For example, a programme to help subsidise handsets or refund top-up from pre-paid credit (similar to the ABTA Bond and Insurance requirements for members)
To provide member benefits through combined purchasing power
From research, to devices, to office services, to hotels and accommodation, we can support our members with a programme dedicated to supporting the MVNx ecosystem

The Reality Today

Fact: 9 out of 10 MVNOs fail

Despite significant market share in established countries, and their huge potential in new markets, there is a general lack of support for virtual network operators. This challenge is compounded by the ‘control’ the host carriers have over an MVNO’s ability to offer services, and even their very existence.

Fact: Over 190m MVNO subscribers

Without a global trade body to represent them, MVNOs are largely on their own. Competitive sensitivities prevent them from working together to overcome common global challenges to support their interests and those of their subscribers. They are exposed with only commercial negotiations and service level agreements (of which there are not many) to fall back on.

Fact: We are more powerful together

The power of numbers

(in millions of subscribers)

China Mobile



Vodafone Group

China Unicom



MTN Group


America Movil

China Telecom


'MVNO Group'

Working together, MVNOs can be the 11th biggest ‘operating group’.

The MVNO market is forecasted to reach 270 million subscriptions by the end of 2018, a significant increase on the MVNO subscription base of approximately 117 million at the end of 2012. By the end of 2018, MVNOs will be serving over 3% of the world’s subscriptions. Source: Informa Telecoms & Media. As of 2016, there are  1,400+ operators and 1,200+ MVNOs across 4,400+ networks, 65 groups and 237 countries worldwide. Source: GSMA Intelligence

Who can join?

Anyone with an interest or involvement in the MVNO ecosystem


Forming the CxO Confidential working group, representatives from the MVNOs will work together to define the agenda for the iMVNOx, with support and input from the other working groups.
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The MVNsp ‘ConnXtivity Committee’ will include MVNE/MVNA members, working together to maximise the ease and adaptability of the core capabilities for the MVNsp layer, to drive creative, competitive, and communicative marketplaces across the world.
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Suppliers and Vendors

The ‘Virtual Vendors’ will form the ‘ConXted Channel and Associate Members’ working group, including all of the partners that supply products and services to the MVNx (MVNO, MVNA/MVNE or MVNsp) community.
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Industry Associations

Any and all trade associations with an interest in being proactively involved in the iMVNOx are welcome to join and set up a reciprocal arrangement. Together they will for the ‘International Federation Alliance’ where they can link the views and interests of their members to our members and vice-versa.
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Industry Regulators

The iMVNOx is actively participating with regulatory authorities across the globe.  Contributing to discussions that will influence regulation, making it more open and in the interests of the wholesale market, fair competition, and subscribers alike, and improve consistency across the globe by enabling regulators to engage freely with their equivalents around the globe.
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Mobile Network Operators

Forming ‘The Carrier Council’, the Wholesale departments/representatives of the mobile network operators can join to hear first hand the views, challenges, concerns and suggestions of all of our members, as well as learn ‘what makes a good wholesale provider’ from the members and each other.
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The strategy is simple

To be positioned as a force of good…

…and to be seen to be a self-regulating, trade association that is;

  • Establishing an environment where members from across the MVNx ecosystem can
    • Commercialise innovative niche market solutions,
    • Deliver smarter go-to-market strategies,
    • Benefit from unified sourcing and purchasing initiatives;
    • Actively participate and effectively communicate
    • Utilize their combined global power and rapidly growing subscriber base to increase relevance and influence

…if we can achieve this then the benefits are clear:

  • A secure place in the ICT value chain as a valuable, investable, faster and more flexible extension of the MNOs wholesale division.
  • No longer positioned as ‘cannibalization’ concern, but seen as a valuable extension of the wholesale divisions of MNOs
  • Enabling ‘competitive consolidation’ for MNOs by demonstrating that effective wholesale strategies on combined networks increases consumer choice
  • Allow MNOs to demonstrate to shareholders how subscribers can be increased more profitably
    • Wholesale revenues up, average cost of acquisition down through reduced overhead costs such as marketing and customer services
  • More opportunities worldwide to create cooperative partnerships, within which lies the potential to;
    • Extend technologies
    • Extend global reach
    • Optimise the use of spectrum
    • Influence global standards, processes, structures, best practices
    • Create a smarter, more connected, more sustainable world

The Results: the reality tomorrow (don’t panic; organize)

With a successful and powerful iMVNOx, supporting a combined global subscriber base up there with the major network groups, increasing our influence on the future, we could see a step change in the virtual/wholesale market. We believe that this will encourage:

  • An increase in subscriber acquisition of 35% to 40% annually, globally.
  • A sustainable industry, supporting over 390 million subscribers globally
  • A unified MVNx industry with the potential to become one of the largest multi-national groups in the world.

Become a member now...

...and help support our strategy

The Layers of Innovation

The Spectrum Layer
Clearly, and well, supported by the GSMA and other regional and global institutions and associations  
The Virtual Layer
Currently undefined and requiring self-regulation and resources to support this ecosystem amidst rapid growth  
The App/OTT Layer
App Alliance, GSMA and others with commercial interest represent this sector and its dominance in the market  
The Device Layer
The driving force behind this layer is the consumer/user and therefore this has some of the most influential power  

The Vital Virtual Layer

Our primary focus is on supporting the ‘Virtual Layer’, one of the four layers defined in the iMVNOx Layers of Innovation, which has a fundamental role to play within the market. This Virtual Layer contains the underrepresented mVertical markets and models, the immediate extension of the mobile network operators’ core business at which the MVNx ecosystem forms the core, which is essential to drive effective innovation in today’s global ICT sector.

Why you should join



The iMVNOx can speak as one, unified, neutral and anonymous (with respect to individual members) voice on behalf of the entire global MVNO ecosystem, to regulators and network operators alike.


From helping you find innovative ideas and trusted partners, to help with delivering them, through to legal and commercial knowledge and support, and aggregated negotiation and increased purchasing power.


Access to member aggregated intelligence, special reports, member and industry databases, case studies and white papers, industry experience and consultancy support. Fine out what you need to know, when you need to know it.